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Busted Obsessives

Cause now the boys are back in town. No strings to hold them down...

Busted Obsessives <3
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Ok, so they've gone.

But we can still keep the memory of Busted alive. Keep this community alive! I'll try my best to keep you all updated with what James, Matt and Chaz are doing now. Post quotes, videos, pictures, whatever makes you feel better. It helps you know.

The owner and moderator of this community is elisakate. However, we also have the wonderful _impactofreason, hotel44 and _wishuponastar looking after things sometimes.

Few rules -

1. Posting pictures or graphics? please post them behind an lj cut! Go here to find out how to make an lj-cut if you are unsure.

2. No fighting please!

3. Don't post things like 'hiii i looooove charlie im gunna marry him and have his babies!!!!1' its just silly and clogs peoples friends page with crap!

Any questions? Ask elisakate.

PS This is the oldest and biggest Busted Fans community on Livejournal. Why don't you join today?

Looking for Busted icons? Go to our awesome affiliate, Busted Icons. They are fabulous.